Important Questions to Ask Your Canton, CT Mechanic

Choosing a mechanic can be one of the toughest parts of properly taking care of your car. There are so many things to consider beyond geographic proximity and the coupon you get in your mailbox. Choosing the wrong auto repair shop could end in costly repairs that don’t actually repair anything, or possibly even a quality repair but a poor customer experience (both matter). Instead, take some time to talk to the mechanics in your area to determine which has the experience, dedication, and customer service you’re looking for in an auto repair shop.

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Top Questions to Ask for Auto Repair You Can Trust

Here are the top 5 questions to ask a prospective mechanic.

1. What Experience or Certifications Do You Have?

Make sure the auto repair technician you choose to work with is either certified in mechanical work or has significant experience. Ask if they’ve done work on the make and model of your vehicle before. Ideally, you can take your car to a technician that is well-versed in the needs of your specific vehicle.

2. How Will You Evaluate My Vehicle and Determine What Services I Need?

Find out how the repair shop you’re considering does diagnostics and if they stand behind their diagnosis. It’s important that you know upfront that the shop you are using has the expertise and equipment necessary to properly diagnose your vehicle the first time. If they don’t you may end up spending more than if you’d chosen a better equipped shop from the beginning.

3. What Is Included In the Service I'm Getting?

Once your mechanic lets you know what issues you’re looking at and what services are needed to repair your car, ask them to break down each service and explain what is included. For example, if you’re having a tire repaired, will the technician check the other tires and ensure there are no additional defects? Will they check to see if there’s enough pressure in each one before allowing you to pick your vehicle up?

4. What Are Your Payment Policies?

Before you agree to have any work performed on your car, ask the service advisor how much it will cost and what their payment policies are. Often, payment is required at the time of service and some auto repair shops will ask for a deposit on significant repairs to allow them to order the parts needed for the job. Make sure you understand what your financial responsibilities are prior to giving the go-ahead for your vehicle to be serviced.

5. Do You Guarantee Your Work?

Before signing on the dotted line, ask your mechanic what kind of guarantee or warranty they may offer with their service. If something goes wrong with your car soon after you have it repaired, can you take it back to the repair shop and have it looked at again at no charge?

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