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Oil Changes

An Oil Change Is More Than Changing Your Oil

We understand the temptation of going to the “quick lube” to get your oil changed, but trust us when we tell you not to succumb to that temptation.

An oil change might seem like a relatively simple process of draining the oil from the engine, replacing the filter, filling the engine with new oil, and checking the oil level – and by definition, we suppose that’s exactly what an oil change is. But the fact of the matter is, an oil change should be so much more than that.

Why An Oil Change Is So Much More Than An Oil Change

At Collinsville Auto, when we do an “oil change”, we’re doing more than just changing your oil. Our oil change service includes the following:

  • Change the oil
  • Check and top off all fluids
  • Adjust the tire pressure
  • Reset the service indicator
  • Perform a courtesy inspection of the vehicle
  • Make you aware of any needed repairs or maintenance
A mechanic pours new oil into an engine while performing an oil change at Collinsville Auto

It may be true that your car’s oil is its “life blood”, but the courtesy inspection is equivalent to your annual physical. It’s where minor problems can be caught before they turn into major problems. It’s what keeps $50 repairs from becoming $800 repairs. It’s the difference between turning the key and hearing “click, click, click” or hearing “vroom, vroom, vroom”.

Do yourself and your car a favor and bring it to the pros at Collinsville Auto for an oil change service. You’ll be happy you did.