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Shop Hours: Mon – Fri, 7AM – 5:45pM

Before & After hours Drop off/pickup available

Brake Repair and Service

Quality Brake repair And Service, As Well As Replacement

It’s much more important for your car to stop than it is for it to go. Your family’s safety is dependent on your car’s braking system to be in top condition at all times.

Modern vehicles have become much better when it comes to corrosion resistance, but rusted brake lines and other brake components are still a pretty common occurrence in the Northeast.

In addition to rust, braking system components wear out by design. Brake pads and shoes that are worn beyond their minimum specification can cause stopping distance to increase. When it comes to a panic stop situation, every inch counts.

Brake repair and service at Collinsville Auto. A technician takes a picture of worn brake pads as part of a digital vehicle inspection before recommending replacement of brakes.

It’s important that your vehicle’s braking system be checked twice per year to ensure the brakes are working and are going to continue to work properly.

Vehicle Brake Inspections

When we perform an inspection of your vehicle’s braking system, we’ll check the following:

  • Brake fluid level and condition
  • Condition of metal brake lines
  • Condition of rubber brake hoses
  • Thickness of brake pads or shoes
  • Operation of parking brake
  • Check for leaks at calipers, wheel cylinders, and master cylinder

For the inspection, maintenance, and repair of your vehicle’s braking system, trust the professional mechanics at Collinsville Auto.