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Shop Hours: Mon – Thurs, 7:00AM – 5:45pM

Closed Friday – Sunday
closed for lunch 12:30-1:30 daily
Before & After hours Drop off/pickup available

A/C Repair & Services in Canton, CT

Experienced Auto A/C Repair Technicians in Canton, CT

If your vehicle’s air conditioner doesn’t blow as cold as it should, it could be low on refrigerant because of attrition or a small leak. Collinsville Auto Repair in Canton, CT provides A/C services, including topping off the refrigerant and checking for leaks. We also offer A/C repair, including repacing compressors and other components.

If you need to have the car aircon checked or you need auto air conditioning repair, contact Collinsville Auto Repair to schedule an appointment.

A/C Services in Canton, CT

The car air conditioner needs to be serviced sometimes. Even though the system is a closed system, it can lose refrigerant, causing the air conditioning to be less effective. And that’s not a good thing on a hot, humid day. We can top off the refrigerant to make the air cold again.

A/C Repair in Canton, CT

If the aircon leaks or has another problem, our experienced auto techs at Collinsville Auto Repair can repair the system and get you back on the road again. A car air conditioner has many parts. We have the diagnostic equipment to quickly locate the problem and the tools and equipment to repair it.

The air conditioning system is comprised of:

  • Compressor: Problems with the compressor include a bad compressor clutch or worn veins. When the refrigerant enters the compressor, it is in the form of a gas.
  • Condenser: The condenser looks like a radiator and often rides in front of the vehicle’s radiator. The condenser cools the refrigerant and converts it to a liquid. It is still under high pressure.
  • High- and low-pressure lines: The high-pressure lines carry refrigerant between the compressor and the evaporator. The low-pressure lines return the coolant to the compressor so that it can cycle through the system again.
  • Dryer or accumulator: The vehicle could have an accumulator or dryer, depending on the make and model. This part of the system removes any water from the refrigerant.
  • Expansion block or orifice tube: Depending on the make and model vehicle, it could have an expansion block or orifice tube. This part of the system reduces the refrigerant pressure.
  • Evaporator: The evaporator absorbs the heat in the vehicle and converts the refrigerant back to a gas. It then repeats the cycle.

A/C Repair & Services in Canton, CT | Collinsville Auto Repair. Closeup image of an auto mechanic checking a car’s aircon condition with a meter gauge. If any part of the system breaks, we must flush the entire system as it cannot contain any debris. Or else the car air conditioner won’t work properly. While we do not have to replace every part when one breaks or wears out, we must always replace the accumulator or dryer whenever the system becomes compromised.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix the Car Air Conditioner?

The price to repair varies extensively. Each manufacturer has its price for the parts. Additionally, the labor varies based on year, make, and model. It might take 30 minutes to remove the compressor on one model and two hours on another.

When you bring your vehicle to check the air conditioning, our experienced auto techs in Canton, CT will diagnose it and then give you an estimate for the repair.

Contact Collinsville Auto Repair in Canton, CT today for an appointment. You can call us at (860) 693-4588 or visit us at 146 Powder Mill Road, Canton, CT 06019.

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