How the Summer Heat Affects Your Car's Battery

Getting your vehicle ready for summer in Connecticut requires a bit of effort and preplanning. After all, eastern summers can be a bit unpredictable. One thing to think about when the weather changes is your car’s battery. Here’s how the summer heat can affect it, what you should do to keep your battery in good condition despite extreme temperatures, and how our experienced mechanics can help.

Corroded car battery

Extreme Temperatures Can Reduce the Life of Your Battery

Contrary to popular belief, the summer heat is harder on your car’s battery than chilly winter months. Vehicle batteries need to be replaced far less often in the northern United States, even where temperatures plummet below zero, than they do in southern states. This is because your car has to work harder to stay cool under the hood when the weather is hot outside, hastening the onset of battery failure.

What Can You Do About It?

Here’s what you can do to make sure the summer heat isn’t baking your battery:

Be Proactive About Checking Your Battery

Don’t wait until something goes wrong or your car won’t start to check your battery. Instead, be proactive about having your vehicle checked and serviced before the change of seasons. It’s always a good idea to make sure your vehicle is well-equipped for Connecticut’s icy winters and hot, humid summers in advance. Check your battery throughout the summer if possible, especially after a heatwave or period of extended high temperatures.

Replace Your Battery Every Three to Four Years

On average, car batteries last between three to five years. It’s hard to know when a battery has reached the end of its lifespan without a breakdown or having it proactively tested on a consistent basis. We recommend having your battery replaced every three to four years as part of your routine annual vehicle maintenance. It might be tempting to drain the life of your battery to get the most for your money, but this can actually be harder on your car over time.

Car Battery Problems? Collinsville Auto Can Help

At Collinsville Auto, we know how hard the Connecticut heat can be on an auto engine and other parts under the hood. The last thing you want is to be stranded on the side of a highway with a dead battery on the side of the road when it feels like it’s 100 degrees outside. We can help make sure your car is ready to take on the heat before summer hits, or replace your battery if you start having problems when the weather gets warmer. We also offer a battery terminal cleaning service, which keeps your battery terminal free of dirt, debris, and corrosion that can shorten the life of your car battery even more.

Our ASE Certified mechanics are experienced and receive ongoing training, so you know your vehicle is in good hands when you work with Collinsville Auto. Contact us today for more information or to schedule your vehicle service at (860) 693-4588.