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Shop Hours: Mon – Thurs, 7:00AM – 5:45pM

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closed for lunch 12:30-1:30 daily
Before & After hours Drop off/pickup available

Top 10 Reasons Cars Break Down On The Highway!

Today’s cars are complex, computerized, mechanical marvels of engineering. They also break down on occasion. Below are ten of the most common issues causing cars to break down.


While not technically possible on the highway, lost keys, keys with dead batteries, or damaged keys can all prevent a car from going anywhere. In past decades, a quick call to the locksmith would be the only thing needed to get going again. In this age of computerized cars often there’s a chip in the key that a locksmith won’t be able to help with – causing an expensive trip to the dealer.

Top 10 Reasons Cars Break Down On The Highway


Everyone has seen bits of tire from a semi-truck strewn across the highway before. Tires are one of the biggest causes of highway breakdowns and accidents, and not just from trucks. From flat tires that pop off rims to overinflated tires that explode when heated, the potential problems are varied.


Wheels and rims carry the tire. A bent rim can lead to slow loss of tire pressure and eventual tire failure. Keep an eye on not just the tire, but also the rim. Anytime there may be tire damage verify proper tire pressure and no obvious damage or loss of handling.


The battery is a key component of your cars electrical system. Connecticut winters can be especially bad for car batteries. If the connections get cold and break your car will stop working, even if it’s already running, so keep an eye on these components.


The heart of your car’s electrical system is the alternator. When it goes bad your car will only run for as long as the battery lasts.


If you drive a manual transmission car there’s a chance your clutch could go out while driving. This can lead to an inability to shift between gears, and an expensive tow to a shop.


Bad gasoline is rare. More often someone accidentally puts diesel in a gas car or vice versa. This can lead to extremely expensive engine work after the car is towed from where it finally gave up trying to run on the wrong fuel.


If a car can’t stop on its own something will eventually get in the way and stop it, usually with disastrous results. Brakes tend to give good warning before failing, and the warning shouldn’t be ignored.


Cars can overheat any time of the year if there is a problem with the coolant system. Don’t delay if the temp gauge starts wobbling a little higher than normal or the heater starts feeling a little cool, get the car in for service.


Fortunately running out of gas rarely results in high repair bills, but it is also the easiest problem to prevent. It does have a high embarrassment factor when calling a friend for help though.

If you’re experiencing any other these problems near New Hartford, CT then call Collinsville Auto Repair for service. The sooner a problem is addressed the less likely it is to cause more problems.

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