When to Come in for a Brake Inspection and Repairs

There’s perhaps nothing more frightening than pushing down the brake pedal and having nothing happen. Thankfully, except in extreme cases, that’s easy to avoid by having your mechanic look over your brakes on a regular basis — and at the first sign of a problem. Not sure when to come into the shop for a brake inspection and repairs? Here are several signs that it’s time for a visit to your trusted Canton CT auto repair shop.

Poor Stopping Power

As your brakes wear out, your stopping power diminishes, leaving you pushing the pedal into the floor to no avail. Although you might be tempted to compensate by slowing down earlier, you’ll be in real trouble if you end up in an emergency braking situation.

When to Come in for a Brake Inspection and Repairs at Collinsville Auto Repair in Canton, Ct. image of a young woman scared bracing her hands on the steering wheel

This can happen due to many different reasons, such as:

  • Low brake fluid
  • Brake line damage
  • Worn calipers

Since so many things can lead to poor stopping power, your Canton CT auto repair tech must thoroughly inspect the system and perform key diagnostic steps to find the cause.

Changes in Brake Pedal Feel

When your braking system is in good condition, your brake pedal should feel firm underfoot. If it starts to feel spongy or soft, then there’s likely something wrong with the brake fluid.

You could have a leaking brake line leaving you without enough fluid, for example, or simply have air bubbles in the system. If the problem continues, you could end up without any stopping power at all, so be sure to get it checked out right away.

Squeaky Noises While Slowing Down

Although modern cars are moving toward electric brake wear indicators, acoustic tabs are still in play on most cars. These little tabs sit on the edge of the brake pads to mark their service limit.

Once you hit that point, the tabs scrape against the rotors and make a squeaking noise. So, if you hear that, you know that it’s time to make your brake maintenance appointment at your trusted Canton CT auto repair shop.

Vibrations and Pulling

Although the steering and suspension systems get the blame most often, the braking system can cause vibrations and pulling as well. Your car might start to pull to one side, for example, if a caliper gets stuck and won’t release from the rotor. Vibrations, on the other hand, often link back to warped rotors, especially when only felt when pressing down the brake pedal.

Need a Brake Inspection and Repairs? Your Canton CT Mechanic Can Help

If you notice any of these signs or just feel like something is off with your car, come into Collinsville Auto Repair for a brake inspection and repairs. Our Canton CT auto techs will look over your braking system to find what’s causing the issue and recommend the right repairs. You can then get the problem fixed up fast, so you can get back on the road with confidence that your car is ready to stop on demand. To schedule a visit, give us a call at 860-693-4588.