When Is A Used Car Sale Final?

Buying a new car is an expensive endeavor that many people choose to forgo. They often choose to buy a used car instead. This can lead to some confusion though, especially when trying to figure out exactly when the car has changed owners and cannot just be handed back.

There are two ways to buy a used car in Connecticut: from a private party or from a used car dealer. In either case, there is paperwork that must be filled out to complete the transfer of ownership. Even when selling your own used car there is a little bit of paperwork that must be completed. When buying a used car from a dealer things are straightforward. There is often some sort of financing involved. Even without financing there is still a sales contract. 

Bright colors and lowered prices try to attract customers to a California used car lot

This contract will give the details of when the sale is final and possession transfers to the new owner. On top of that, most car dealerships in Connecticut can process all the relevant paperwork on site saving you a trip to the DMV.

If you are trading in your old car at a dealer, that’s the same as selling it directly to the dealer. In either case the dealer handles all the relevant paperwork for you. They get signatures from you were required and will get it all processed with the state.

When you buy from an independent party you need to get the signed title form the seller. You also need some sort of bill of sale. You bring these documents from the seller along with your personal info the DMV in person and there you can transfer the title, register the vehicle at which point you are 100% responsible for what happens with the vehicle.

When you sell your car to a private party you need to provide the signed title and bill of sale. Next you return your license plates and cancel the vehicle registration. Once you’ve done those things you are 100% free of responsibility for the car.

As you can see, there isn’t necessarily a single point where the sale become final, though once signatures are in place on the title and the new owner has the keys it becomes difficult for them to force the sale to stop.

Before you buy a used car in New Hartford bring it by Collinsville Auto Repair for an inspection. We’ll go over the car carefully, giving you peace of mind with your new purchase.