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Toyota Repair and Service

The production of Toyota motor vehicles began in 1933. The brand was a major competitor of other early motor vehicle manufacturers at the time, such as General Motors and Ford Motor Company.

In 2008, the Toyota Motor Corporation exceeded General Motors as the largest automobile maker in the world.

Toyota Cars and Trucks We Service

Toyota repair and services Canton, Ct

At Collinsville Auto Repair, we can provide superior Toyota repair and service for the below cars and trucks:

Our Services

Our team of mechanics offers a wide range of repairs and maintenance services for Toyota vehicles, including but not limited to:

Our Commitment to Satisfied Customers

Collinsville Auto Repair is proud to be a provider of both quality Toyota repair and service and reliable customer service. Not only do we want to ensure that your vehicle is repaired to top industry standards, but we also want you to have a great experience when you work with us.

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If it’s time for your Toyota vehicle to undergo routine maintenance or you’re having a more serious problem with your car or truck that may need to be repaired, don’t rely on just any mechanic to get it done for you. Our trusted team treats your car or truck like it were our own. Call today at (860) 693-4588 for more information.