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Shop Hours: Mon – Fri, 7AM – 5:45pM

Before & After hours Drop off/pickup available

Suzuki Repair and Service

Suzuki is one of the oldest Japanese vehicle brands, dating all the way back to 1909. Suzuki is largely owned by Volkswagen, General Motors, and people within the Suzuki family.

In 2012, Suzuki decided its line of small cars wasn’t a good fit for the U.S. and withdrew from the market. However, Suzuki vehicles are still sold internationally.

Suzuki Automobiles We Service

Suzuki repair and service Canton, Ct

Collinsville Auto Repair is able to provide Suzuki repair and service the below automobile makes and models:

Our Services

Our team offers customers a full range of maintenance and repair services for Suzuki vehicles:

Our Dedication to Total Customer Satisfaction

Collinsville Auto Repair is proud to be a leader in not only quality Suzuki repair and service but also superior customer service. Our team of seasoned mechanics is pleased to provide our valued customers with repair and automotive service of exceptional quality. We’re confident that you’ll have a great experience with us as soon as you bring your car into our shop.

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Like all automobiles, your Suzuki vehicle needs to get you from point A to B reliably. Our seasoned team of mechanics can help ensure that your car or truck stays in great shape and doesn’t leave you stranded. Call today at (860) 693-4588 for more information.