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Shop Hours: Mon – Thurs, 7:00AM – 5:45pM

Closed Friday – Sunday
closed for lunch 12:30-1:30 daily
Before & After hours Drop off/pickup available

Keeping Your Car Running Great Starts with Regular Oil Changes

A mechanic pours motor oil into the engine at the end of an oil change.

Oil is the lifeblood of your engine. You need to bring your car in for regular oil change services to keep it running strong. Otherwise, the oil will break down and get super dirty, resulting in wear and tear on the parts inside your motor. 

But how are you supposed to know when to come into your trusted auto repair shop for service? Here’s a look at the top signs that it’s time to do an oil change and how to avoid problems down the road.

Signs You Might Need an Oil Change and Inspection

When problems arise, you can usually count on your car to let you know it’s time for an oil change and inspection. 

To easily spot the warning signs when they arise, get to know how your car looks, feels, and acts when in good condition. Then, watch for these issues to learn just when to set up a visit to the auto repair shop:

  • Dashboard warning lights turn on
  • Strange noises from the engine
  • Vibrations while the car idles
  • Excess smoke from the exhaust
  • The sharp smell of oil burning

Check the Oil Level

If you’re still driving a vehicle with a dipstick, plan to check your oil level weekly. When you do that, you’ll get even more info about the health of your vehicle.

Look at the oil level to start. If it’s low, your engine might leak or burn excess oil. This lets you know that it’s time to go into the shop.

Don’t forget to look at the oil color and texture as well. Have an ASE-certified auto tech check out excessively dark, grainy, or strange-looking oil.

Don’t Wait Until There’s a Problem—Schedule an Oil Change

Ideally, you should book oil changes on schedule instead of waiting until your car lets you know there’s a problem. If you don’t, you might end up paying for more repairs over the life of your vehicle than you would have otherwise. 

Fortunately, it’s easy to stick to a strict schedule by using one of these three methods.

1. Go by the Date on Your Oil Change Sticker

After changing your oil, auto techs fill out an oil change sticker and put it at the top corner of your windshield. The sticker lets you know the ideal mileage or date for the next oil change service appointment. 

It would be best if you came in when your odometer hits the listed mileage figure or the next service date arrives.

2. Watch for the Dashboard Oil Change Light

Modern vehicles have an oil change indicator light built into the dashboard gauge cluster. 

Your technician resets the light at each oil change to restart the count toward the next oil change service. As your oil reaches the end of its service life, the light illuminates, letting you know it’s time to make an appointment.

3. Schedule Oil Change Visits in Advance

If you follow a predictable travel schedule, it’s possible to book your oil change visits in advance. Work with your service advisor to find the ideal dates and get on the calendar ahead of time. If you get close to the mileage listed on your oil change sticker before that date, call the shop to let them know you’d like to come in sooner.

When getting engine repairs done (like head gasket replacement), remember that it’s often necessary to change your oil early. Specific issues can contaminate your oil, resulting in the need for a new oil filter and fluids. When you change the oil early, the interval will reset at that point, pushing out your next service date a bit.

Why Choose Collinsville Auto Repair for Your Oil Change Services

Whenever you need an oil change in Canton, CT, let our team at Collinsville Auto Repair help you out. Our ASE-certified technicians and service advisors work together to always go above and beyond for our customers. Through all we do, we strive to keep your car safe and reliable so that you can spend minimal time and money on auto repairs.

If you’re ready to visit us for an oil change or other auto repairs, just call us at (860) 693-4588. You can also fill out our online form or visit us at 146 Powder Mill Road, Canton, CT 06019. 

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