No Time for an Oil Change? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Wait

No Time for an Oil Change? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Wait | Collinsville Auto Repair in Canton, CT. Image of dirty valves and engine camshaft coated with old, black oil. If your weeks go by in a blur, changing your car’s oil is likely the last thing on your mind. After all, what’s the harm in waiting for an extra 500 to 1,000 miles since it’s already long?

The answer might surprise you: oil changes are the number one thing protecting your engine from excessive wear and damage. If you wait too long, overdue oil change symptoms may leave you towing your car into the shop instead.

Wondering just why that is? Here’s what you need to know.

Importance of Fresh, Clean Engine Oil

Each time you fire up your engine, the fresh, clean oil works its magic to keep all the internal parts moving as expected. 

Thanks to its ultra-slippery nature, the oil lubricates all the moving parts while reducing mechanical shock. As it does that, it helps create dynamic seals in key locations, including the combustion chamber.

All along the way, motor oil also helps keep your engine cool and comfortable by absorbing heat generated by friction from the moving parts. Any metal shavings and debris encountered along the way get swept up by the oil and deposited into the bottom of the oil pan. 

Corrosive materials also get neutralized, helping protect your engine from damage mile after mile.

Why Get Regular Oil Changes

As motor oil does the heavy lifting in helping your engine run at its best, it gets super dirty and loses its protective properties. This leaves your engine’s internal parts at serious risk of excessive wear and damage.

Without an oil change, the dirty oil continues circulating through your engine, creating a liquid scouring pad that wreaks havoc on rings, bearings, and so much more. As more damage occurs, the scouring action just worsens and leaves your car in dire need of major engine repair services.

When your oil is changed regularly, all the dirt, debris, and contaminants flow out of the oil pan with the old fluid. The replacement of the oil filter removes the rest of the errant particles, setting up the system to run at its best once again.

Then, your auto technician completes the oil change service by adding fresh, clean oil with all the properties needed to protect your engine. Right before returning the vehicle to you, they’ll also fill out a new oil change sign to let you know when to come back for the next service round.

Ready to Treat Your Car to an Oil Change in Canton, CT?

Don’t wait for overdue oil change symptoms to leave you running for the shop. Just come into Collinsville Auto Repair on or before your oil change sticker date to give your car all the protection it deserves. 

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