Fall Car Care Month: Don't Get Left Out In The Cold!

Fall Car Care Month has arrived, and the reliable experts at Collinsville Auto Repair are eager to help prepare your vehicle for cooler weather. October is the perfect time to make sure that your car, truck, or van is fully equipped for the lower temperatures. Consider the following tips for a smooth ride and peace of mind as we approach winter weather. 

Woman stuck on side of the road in the dead of winter with car trouble

Our Signature Winterizing Services

Collinsville Auto Repair’s friendly professionals have been serving the community of Canton, CT for 15 years. In addition to providing excellent all-around seasonal car care, we know the best ways to winterize your vehicle for the coming months.

Battery Checks and Replacement

Because your car battery has to work harder in colder weather, it’s important to preemptively check its power in the fall. The mechanics at Collinsville Auto Repair are more than happy to test your battery and charging system as well as inspect battery cables and terminals. For ideal performance, your terminals should be free from corrosion with tight connections. 


It is vital that your vehicle’s tires be in tip-top shape before winter arrives. Especially in the Northeast, winterizing your car should include installing snow tires on all four wheels. While regular tires will get the job done in light-to-moderate snowfall, drivers should also survey tires’ tread levels, as uneven wear can indicate larger issues concerning suspension, alignment and balance. Any tires with less than 3/32 inches of tread should be replaced. 

Air Filter, Coolant and Heating Operations

Seasonal car care also includes inspecting your air filter, coolant levels and heating operations. Drivers can easily check to see if the air filter should be replaced by holding it up to a light source. If the majority of the light is visible through the filter, then it does not need replacing. However, if most of the light is shrouded by the filter, it’s time for a new one.  Stop by to see us and we will check the filter for you and replace if needed. 

Cold temperatures also mean cold engine. It is then imperative to have the coolant freeze point tested as well as the pH to determine if it is in good condition. Over time, the pH of coolant drops (becoming more acidic), which can be harmful to the cooling system. This is a service we perform for every oil change. If your vehicle is not due for an oil service, come by to see us and we will check it for you!

Don’t settle for shivering in your car this winter — stop by Collinsville Auto Repair to have our experts check out your car’s heating operations. We can perform any necessary maintenance to keep you warm — even when it’s freezing outside. 

Lights and Windshield Wipers

Another way to prepare your vehicle for cooler weather is to check that all headlights, taillights, turn signals, back-up lights, brake lights and emergency flashers are working properly. 

A commonly looked over must for seasonal vehicle service is the windshield wipers.  They must be the correct size to clean the entire windshield. If your current blades leave streaks or miss spots, they should be replaced. In areas with high levels of snow, purchase winter wiper blades, which have rubber boots attached to the blades and prevent the build-up of snow and ice. Lastly, fill up the windshield washer fluid reservoir with a winter cleaning solution that has antifreeze components. 

Collinsville Auto Repair’s knowledgeable team can thoroughly prepare your vehicle for the coming winter. With almost two decades’ worth of experience offering services to winterize car, truck, and other vehicles for area families and we can offer useful guidance and complete any repairs you may require. Contact one of our helpful professionals today by calling (860) 693-4588.