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Shop Hours: Mon – Thurs, 7:00AM – 5:45pM

Closed Friday – Sunday
closed for lunch 12:30-1:30 daily
Before & After hours Drop off/pickup available

Your Roadmap for Proper Fall Car Care In Canton, CT

With the pleasant 75-degree days on their way out, it’s time to start thinking about fall car care in Canton, CT. The rain will come soon enough, after all, putting extra stress on your wipers, tires, and everything in between. To ensure that you can count on all your parts to perform as expected, head on into our Canton, CT auto repair shop for the following services.

Begin with a Tire Check

As the rain starts in earnest, you need tires with excellent tread on your side. If your tires do not have enough tread left, they will fail to push water away from the driving surface and maintain a good grip on the road. When that happens, your car could end up hydroplaning over even the smallest of puddles, leaving you fighting for control of your vehicle. So, to kick off your fall car care in Canton, CT, get your tires checked and replace them if recommended by your mechanic.

Your Roadmap for Proper Fall Car Care with Collinsville Auto Repair in Canton, CT; image of car driving in the woods during autumn with sun creeping through trees

Don’t Forget Your Brake Service

When driving over a wet road surface, the stopping power of your car decreases considerably. The situation grows even direr if your brakes need service. Thankfully, you can have your brakes looked at when you come in for tires so that you can handle both problems with ease. Your tech will measure your brake pads and rotors, plus look at the fluid to let you know which services will maximize your brake performance.

Move Onto Wipers and Lights

At the start of the rainy season, get your wipers replaced to ensure that they can clear off your windshield in a hurry. In addition, have your mechanic top off your windshield wiper fluid, and then check the function of your lights. If your headlights look glazed and tired, have the lenses restored and consider upgrading your bulbs.

Get Your Heating System Working Right

Although it’s not freezing out quite yet, it’s a great time to get your heating system working right. With that move, you can avoid getting chilled to the bone when the cold weather does arrive. All it takes is a quick trip to the shop to have your heating system tested to confirm that you’re ready for whatever comes your way.

Do Whatever Routine Maintenance Remains

On top of the fall car care services, it’s essential to check if you have any factory recommended maintenance due, such as:

  • Oil change
  • Timing belt replacement
  • Transmission flush
  • Differential service
  • Battery check

By getting those services out of the way, you can prevent minor issues from escalating and leaving you stranded in the rain.

Ready for Fall Car Care in Canton, CT? Call to Schedule Your Visit

If you’re ready to get all your fall car care services done before the rain showers arrive, call 860-693-4588 to speak with our team at Collinsville Auto Repair. As your trusted mechanic in Canton, CT, we’ll handle all your requested services plus perform a thorough inspection to confirm your car is in good working order. So, please feel free to reach out at your earliest convenience to get your vehicle ready for the fall season.

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