5 Games to play in the car on your Holiday Road Trip

The holidays are finally here.  This is the time of the year to relax, hang out with family and eat delicious food.  If you are like most people in Canton Ct, you will do some traveling this holiday season.  Be sure to check your vehicle’s heating and air conditioning systems before embarking on your holiday trip.  Test your A/C once every couple months, even when the temperatures are low and you’ll be able to make a seamless and comfy segue from the winter to the spring and summer. 

If your vehicle needs any type of repair, Collinsville Auto Repair in Canton Ct is here to get your ride back to normal as quickly as possible.  Even if you are staying in-state, your little ones will find the trip passes that much faster with games to play in the car holiday road trip.  Let’s take a quick look at the best games to play in the car during your holiday travels. 

5 Games to play in the car on your Holiday Road Trip

I Spy

I Spy is one of the best games to play in the car holiday road trip in and around Canton Ct.  Have your kids spot items in the car and also ahead of the vehicle and challenge their siblings to find those items based on description alone.  As long as the object is within view, this game will be a blast for everyone in the car including yourself and other adults as you make your way through Canton Ct and beyond this holiday season.

Would You Rather…

Pose questions in the form of “Would you rather…” to one another as you drive across Canton Ct and elsewhere this Christmas and New Year’s Eve.  As an example, your kids will have plenty of fun posing outrageous hypothetical situations such as whether their siblings would rather spend a minute trapped in a closet with a dozen snakes or jump into a swimming pool full of ice cubes. 

Finish the Drawing

Give your kids a pen and a paper pad and they’ll find this game is quite enjoyable.  It all starts with one rider starting the basis of a drawing such as a straight or curved line.  Once this initial formation is created, the paper pad and pen are passed to the right so the next rider can add to the drawing.  The pen and paper pad continue to pass throughout the vehicle until the group has collaborated to finish a complete drawing.  Though the final product might look a bit odd, everyone is sure to have plenty of fun creating it.

The License Plate Game

Have your kids write down each state license plate as soon as they spot it during your holiday road trip in and around Canton CT and they just might cover half the states.  The length of your holiday road trip will ultimately determine the number of state license plates your kids spot.  If your kids are struggling to find less-common state license plates, have them focus on trucks as big rigs are the most likely to have license plates from out-of-state.

The Question Game

This game begins with one person thinking of something specific.  The rest of the riders have a certain number of questions, be it 10, 15, 20 or more to ask in an effort to guess what the item is.  If a player accurately guesses the item prior to the final question, he or she wins the game.  If no one in the car can correctly guess the item before the final question, the person picturing the image is the winner.

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