Time for a Car Servicing Appointment? Here’s How You’ll Know.

If you want to avoid car trouble that leaves you stranded on the side of the road (and who doesn’t?!), regular service appointments can definitely help. But how often are you supposed to bring your car into the shop anyway? You don’t want to come in too often, after all, nor miss the mark completely and have your car break down just as your travels are getting good. To figure out when to stop by Collinsville Auto, simply watch for the following signs that it’s time for your car servicing appointment.

How to tell when it is time to service your car with Collinsville Auto Canton, Ct. red sedan on lift in shop with a puddle of fluid underneath due to a leak

Leaks Appear and Wreak Havoc on Your Driveway

No matter where they are coming from, leaks are never a good sign. Your car needs all of its fluids to stay put or the associated systems could lose pressure, overheat, or otherwise fail. So, take a peek under your car whenever you check the fluid levels and report any problems right away.

You Hear an Absolute Racket While Driving Your Car

If your car is making an awful racket as you’re driving down the road, it could be hollering for a service appointment. Squealing and grinding from the brakes, for example, could indicate it’s time for pad and rotor replacement, which is important to do before your stopping power goes out the window.

Vibrations Through the Seat and Steering Wheel Drive You Batty

When your car’s driving right, you shouldn’t feel excessive vibrations coming through the steering wheel nor the seat. If you do, then it’s time to figure out what’s gone wrong before something outright fails.

Poor Fuel Mileage Leaves Your Bank Account Hollering for Mercy

Many car problems result in poor fuel mileage and none of them are good to let run their course. By getting your car servicing appointment out of the way, you can potentially resolve the problem while it’s still minor. If your car is running rich due to a faulty oxygen sensor, for example, then it’s best to replace that part before it wipes out your much more expensive catalytic converter as well.

Your Dash Warning Lights Let You Know of a Problem Brewing

Your dash warning lights are more than just pretty colors and symbols illuminating your cabin. They are smart indicators that let you know that it’s time for your car to get a checkup and perhaps some repairs.

It’s Simply Time to Come in for Your Scheduled Car Service

When you partner with Collinsville Auto Repair shop in keeping your car in great condition, we will let you know just when to come in for your scheduled car service. We keep track of when you came in last, what services you had done, and when your next services are due. 

If you’d like to come in for your next car serving appointment, just call our team at 860-693-4588 to get on the schedule. At Collinsville Auto Repair, we’re always happy to look over your vehicle, complete its maintenance, and fix any problems it may have. Through our efforts, we hope to keep you enjoying your travels to the fullest and help protect your vehicle investment for the long term.