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Scion Repair and Service

In 2003, popular automobile manufacturer Toyota created the Scion brand. The brand started in California in 2003 and was available nationwide by 2004. The brand was created to attract younger buyers who wanted smaller, more affordable vehicles.

However, after realizing that the target market was equally satisfied with Toyota models, the Scion brand was dissolved in 2016. 

Scion Vehicle Makes and Models We Can Service

Scion repair and service Canton, Ct

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Collinsville Auto Repair can provide Scion repair and service for the automobiles below and more:

Our Services

We take pride in providing our customers with a full range of maintenance and repair services for Scion vehicles:

Our Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

As a top provider of Scion repair and service in the area, Collinsville Auto Repair takes our commitment to your satisfaction seriously. We want to make sure you have the best possible experience with us, from the moment you pull your vehicle into our shop.

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Don’t put off routine maintenance for your Scion vehicle until the last minute or wait until your vehicle needs repairs to have it serviced. Let us take care of your vehicle; our team will ensure it stays in peak operating condition. Call today at (860) 693-4588 for more information.