Improve Your Gas Mileage with BG Engine Performance Restoration

Improve Your Gas Mileage with BG Engine Performance Restoration | Collinsville Auto Repair in Canton, CT. Closeup image of a woman’s hand counting money while standing at an open fuel tank. Concept image of rising fuel prices.Every time gas prices increase by $1, your monthly fuel costs likely rise by at least $50. A tired engine can end up costing you a lot more in fuel, too, especially if thick sludge slows it down.

Although you cannot do a lot about the ever-rising gas prices, you have control over your car’s gas mileage. With BG Engine Performance Restoration services, it’s possible to clean up your engine and get it running at peak efficiency once again.

Ready to learn about how this innovative maintenance service can restore your car’s fuel efficiency? Here’s what you need to know.

Why Engine Sludge Forms

When working at its best, motor oil lubricates, cools, and cleans the moving parts in your engine. Oil changes keep the fluid fresh, but even regular maintenance services cannot entirely prevent sludge from forming.

As temperatures rise inside your engine, oxidation and other chemical reactions start to turn even the freshest oil into sludge. Every 18-degree Fahrenheit increase in temperature doubles how fast the reactions occur, too.

So, you can bet that your direct injection engine will end up filled with sludge faster than most. After enough miles, this issue affects all engine types equally, resulting in poor gas mileage across the board.

Engine Sludge Buildup = Poor Fuel Efficiency

When oil turns into sludge, its relatively thin, slippery consistency turns to thick and gloopy. It can no longer clean, cool, and lubricate. In fact, it does quite the opposite and effectively gums up the works inside the engine.

Sludge fills the oil pump and passages through the block, leaving the moving parts starved of oil. The pistons, crank, camshafts, and other parts cannot move at peak efficiency. And to make matters worse, the variable valve timing system cannot get an accurate pressure reading.

With the parts not working as intended, the engine performance suffers, and your car starts to use more fuel to compensate. Increased gas costs hit your bottom line first. Eventually, your engine will seize, resulting in the need for major engine repairs.

BG Engine Performance Restoration Can Fix the Issue Fast

Improve Your Gas Mileage with BG Engine Performance Restoration | Collinsville Auto Repair in Canton, CT. Image of an engine component before and after applying BG Engine Performance Restoration.

To keep your engine working at peak efficiency, you must blast sludge away with BG Engine Performance Restoration (EPR). Your service advisor will look at your vehicle’s engine type, mileage, and service history to decide the ideal service interval for this treatment.

When a BG-certified technician performs this service, the BG product immediately starts softening the sludge on your engine’s internal parts, including the piston rings. The engine cleaner keeps working to emulsify and dissolve the sludge inside the passageways, oil pump, and beyond.

Your engine’s moving parts will return to their normal function, effectively restoring your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Decreased stress on the internals helps protect your engine from premature failure, too, which helps keep more money in your pocket through the years.

Ready to Improve Your Fuel Economy with Our Help?

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