Why Get Fuel and Air Induction Cleaning Services in Canton, CT

Your engine can only run right when given the perfect balance of air and fuel. Plus, its inner workings need to stay relatively clean and free of obstructions that impede flow. Unfortunately, as you cruise around town, carbon deposits build up within your motor’s throttle body, combustion chambers, and everywhere in between. Once that happens, the flow of air and fuel decreases, leaving your engine running too rich or lean. Want to keep that from happening? Get fuel and air induction cleaning services done by your mechanic in Canton, CT.

What is a Fuel and Air Induction Cleaning Service?

Why Get Fuel and Air Induction Cleaning Services in Canton, CT with Collinsville Auto, closeup image of intake manifold system of red car in shop

A fuel and air induction cleaning service clears away all the carbon deposits, so your car can continue operating as designed. The cleaning process starts at the throttle body, which keeps the ideal amount of air flowing into the engine when working right.

After that, the cleaning solution helps scrub carbon off the:

  • Intake ports
  • Intake and exhaust valves
  • Fuel injector nozzles
  • Combustion chambers
  • Pistons

By the end of the fuel and air induction service, all the parts can yet again work as intended, helping your engine maintain the correct air/fuel ratio. Although the results won’t last forever, you can then hit the road with confidence that your engine currently runs at its best without carbon buildup getting in the way.

Signs Your Car Needs Fuel and Air Induction Cleaning Services

When the air/fuel ratio starts to go out of balance, you can often spot telltale signs that let you know it’s time for auto repair in Canton, such as:

  • Check engine light pops on suddenly
  • A marked decrease in fuel efficiency
  • Slow acceleration and other signs of power loss
  • A strong smell of fuel or thick exhaust
  • Shaking while the car idles

Running too lean or too rich can cause damage to your engine, so always let your auto tech know when your car starts to exhibit any strange noises, smells, or behaviors.

How Often to Complete Fuel and Air Induction Cleanups

Fuel and air induction cleaning services are best done regularly to stay ahead of problems caused by carbon buildup. For most vehicles, you’ll want to have this service completed by your Canton CT auto tech every 20,000 miles or so.

However, your vehicle build, driving style, and other key factors can play a role in how fast the carbon builds up. So, your tech may adjust that service interval to prevent a thick buildup that could throw off your air/fuel ratio and cause many other issues.

Time for Auto Repair in Canton? Call for an Appointment

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