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What is Towing Capacity

Posted on July 09,17 by collinsvilleauto

What better adventure is there in the summer than hooking up a camping trailer or boat and heading out with the family for a weekend of fun? To prevent damaging your vehicle you need to make sure your load is within the vehicles towing capacity. Trying to figure this out can be confusing, and getting it right is vitally important.

At the most basic level a vehicles towing capacity, or maximum towing capacity, is the most weight the vehicle can tow. An important not is that this is the most weight in ideal conditions. The actual maximum may change depending on how the vehicle doing the towing is loaded or the equipment being used to tow.

Towing capacity is something the manufacturer of the vehicle has determined. It can be influenced within a given model and model year by some options chosen. The most likely options affecting the towing capacity are the engine size, number of speed the transmission has, and whether a heavy-duty tow package was included from the factory. Exceeding the towing capacity for your vehicle can result in reduced handling and braking abilities. It can also damage your cooling system, transmission, drive train, engine, or frame.

Other factors to consider when deciding if a specific trailer can be towed include the rating of the hitch system on a vehicle. There are standard hitch systems with specific towing limits on them. Installing a hitch system with a lower capacity than the vehicles maximum tow rating will limit the trailers that can be towed more than the vehicle already limits them. Installing one with a higher capacity than the vehicle will allow the vehicles max towing capacity to be used, but it should still not be exceeded.

If your vehicle near Avon, CT has been pulling more weight than it should bring it in to Collinsville Auto Repair for a check-up. Our ASE certified mechanics will inspect your vehicle and ensure its road-ready. They can even help you determine what your maximum towing capacity is for future reference. Call us at 860-693-4588 to make an appointment today!

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